A multisport surface gives you greater playing versatility.

Since available space is becoming a greater issue, a multi-court option could be your perfect solution. Fit basketball, netball, futsal and tennis markings into one court!

Keep the kids engaged with hopscotch and foursquare.

Multisport surfaces give tennis and netball clubs the option of sharing the same courts, and let schools provide additional activities in the middle of the playground.

A new or refurbished sports surface is a big decision.

There are many factors which go into choosing your sports surface, not least of which is how much it will cost and how long it is going to last. You’ll likely be dealing with set budgets or fundraising efforts, plus the ongoing needs of club members or students. Prestige Sports Surfaces understands that preparing to install a new playing surface or resurfacing your existing court can take time. We’re happy to guide you through that process.

Are you considering an acrylic hardcourt? Talk to us about the Laykold® sports surfaces. Are you leaning towards a synthetic grass turf? Then we should chat about the OmniCourt® artificial grass products. Both are made in Australia by Advanced Polymer Technology and designed for our harsh Australasian sunshine. We are proud to be authorised installers of both these products and are certain you will be thrilled with your new or refurbished sports surface.


Instead of laying two courts, such as basketball and futsal, you can have one court with a playing surface (and markings) suitable for both.


There is a wide range of colour options available for your sports surface and court markings. See the colour selector here.


Councils, schools and community groups appreciate being able to use their sports surface for more than one activity.