Let your basketball court surface look after your body.

Our playing surfaces can offer over 17% force reduction on player’s bodies, and the technology retains that cushioning and flexibility for 10+ years.

Gone is the traditional ‘driveway’ basketball court.

Playing basketball on concrete and asphalt has long-term risks. These materials were originally used because they were strong and could handle extreme weather conditions, but they are prone to surface imperfections and wear hard on your shoes, balls and (ouch!) body. More seriously, extended play can lead to patellar tendonitis, or jumper’s knee, and an increased chance of knee and ankle sprains. You really should consider an acrylic sports surface for your court.

A Laykold® basketball court surface is multi-layered, providing true ball bounce, consistent speed of play and unparalleled player safety. The all-weather surface drains fast and dries quickly, and in the hot sunshine it doesn’t heat up like concrete and asphalt does. The consistent grip allows for safe pivot manoeuvres, side-to-side movements and jumping, reducing pressure on your joints. And say goodbye to the excessive wear and tear on your shoes and basketballs.


You want your playing surface to last as long as possible. We can advise which surface is best for you, and how best to take care of it.


Laykold® and OmniCourt® sports surfaces are specifically designed as long-term solutions for all courts, with minimal maintenance.


Have you considered having your playing surface match your team colours? We have the widest variety of court colours available today.