Look after nature as you run, jump and play in nature.

Did you realise that around 325 million tennis balls are consumed each year across the globe? Our chosen acrylic product, Laykold®, is committed to helping the sport give those balls a second life. Laykold® is the only court brand with the technology to recycle balls into their court surface systems. For instance, each Masters® 5 and Masters® 8 cushioned court includes 10,000 used balls.

But our commitment to environmentally sustainable sport doesn’t stop there.

Where possible, Laykold® uses recycled rubber materials in their sports surfacing systems, sourced from car and truck tyres. This goes into both the surface shock pad underlay and performance infill. During our installation process we use recycled water where practical and appropriate, and we strive to source locally available construction materials to minimise transport emissions. And Laykold® products are made in an ISO 9001 Quality Assured and ISO 14001 Environmentally conscious facility.

Reduced shipping

Our playing surface systems are manufactured by Advanced Polymer Technology in Melbourne, not shipped from the USA or Europe.

Reused packaging

We do our best to minimise the packaging our raw materials come in, and to reuse that packaging where we are able.

Recycled balls

Laykold® is the only court brand with the technology to recycle used tennis balls into their playing surface systems.