Helping you play your best

That’s all Prestige Sports Surfaces wants to do – install the ideal sports surface for your home, school, club or community.

From his base in Christchurch, Rod Armstrong has been putting in new courts and resurfacing old ones for a decade, around the country and even overseas. His clear communication and efficient installation process have earned him a reputation for being a ‘go-to-guy’ for sports surfaces. He will personally manage your sports surface project from start to finish.

How did we become New Zealand’s exclusive Laykold® agent?

“We didn’t want to lay just any old court and paint some lines on it,” explains Rod Armstrong, owner of Prestige Sports Surfaces. “We wanted to offer the very best sports surfaces possible, ones designed to help you play better, be kinder to your body and nicer to the environment. That’s why we put up our hand to partner with Laykold®.”

The commitment Laykold® and their parent company, Advanced Polymer Technology, have made in designing cutting-edge sports surfaces has led them to not only become the official surface of the US Tennis Open, but also the US Soccer Foundation’s Safe Places to Play initiative.

“New Zealand sport is such a vibrant community to be part of,” says Rod. “Take the growth of futsal – it’s modified soccer, with a smaller field and fewer players but it’s just as physically demanding. We’re the approved installer of the Laykold Masters® futsal system and we’re seeing a keen uptake for this exciting sport.”

Netball, tennis, basketball, cricket, pickle ball, futsal and multisport courts, Prestige Sports Surfaces has the ideal surface for your new or refurbished court or play area. And you might be surprised by the selection of colour combinations available, with integrated line markings. “Nothing beats the feeling of standing back and admiring a crisp, new sports surface. Well,” Rod grins, “except maybe for when players tell me how much they enjoy playing on it!”