Photo: Miami Open

Official Court Surface of the US Open

There’s a new court in town

Look forward to playing tennis this season on the same court surface as the US Open.

Laykold has been selected as the official court surface of the US Open and we want to offer the same grand-slam quality to you.

US Open options include:

  • Official US Open Colours. In fact, Laykold has the most colours in the industry and can match almost any colour.
  • Official US Open Surface. Get the same hard court surface and dial in your preferred speed ratings.

Laykold is trusted and chosen by 3 of the world’s top 6 biggest hard court tournaments:

  • US Open
  • Miami Open
  • Cincinnati Western Southern Open

Been Dreaming of New Courts?

or need to get your existing courts tennis ready?

Options & Features Include:

  • New green technology with Laykold Masters Gel.
    • Made from over 60% renewable resources
    • Provides over 17% force reduction
    • Retains cushioning and fl exibility for 10+ years
  • Slip resistance surface technology. Laykold’s proprietary blend of sand provides a more consistent surface, reducing player injury.
  • Systems available with integrated vapour barrier to combat damage caused through rising moisture.
  • Longest warranties. Laykold offers some of the longest warranties on the market, safeguarding your investment.

We off the following services:

  • New – tennis court builds
  • Re-surfacing – make your tennis courts like new for a fraction of the cost of a new court.
  • Maintenance – repair surface cracking and rust spot treatment.

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